Outcome Measures

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I currently use three outcome measures to capture the work I do with St Mungo’s;

  • (1) Degrees of Engagement model (DoE)
  • (2) Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS)
  • (3) Audio Image Recording (AIR)

See below for further information on these measures.

(1) Degrees of Engagement (DoE)

I am currently using this quantitative model to capture engagement at the Crisis House, and will do so at New Street once the Recovery College term begins.

Degrees of Engagement

This six-degree model was developed while working in an acute inpatient setting in order to capture patient engagement over the course of an admission. Click HERE to view the data for the first 12 weeks at the Crisis House

I own this outcome measure, please contact me directly if you would like to make use the DoE model.

(2) Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale (WEMWBS)

Participants at the Recovery College will be asked to complete this self-assessment outcome measure a total 3 times; (1) during their enrolment meeting prior to starting the group, (2) at the start of session 5 (marking the mid-point of the therapy, and (3) during the individual review session (which marks the ending of the therapy). There are currently no plans to use the WEMWBS at the Crisis House. Click HERE to download a copy of the WEMWBS.

I do not own this outcome measure. Copyright NHS Scotland, University of Warwick and University of Edinburgh, 2006, all rights reserved.

(3) Audio Image Recording (AIR)

Developed by Springham & Brooker (2013), AIR’s aim to “capture service user views of what changes, and what mechanisms cause change, in the art therapy they have received.” Participants will usually take part in a recorded semi-structured interview which will then be edited over a selection 2 – 3 images to produce a short film.

All participants will be given the opportunity to create an AIR upon completion of their therapy at the Recovery College. Due to the nature and timescale of the work at the Crisis House there are currently no plans to use AIR’s. Below is a short film created by The Art Therapy Trust that demonstrates the power of such a qualitative outcome measure.

I do not own this video, its use is for demonstration purposes only and not a reflection of my own work. The original video can be found HERE.

NOTE: In addition to the three measures described above I shall also make use of testimonials from staff at the Crisis House and the Recovery College, which will be presented alongside the data produced from the measures above.