Risk Assessment

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St Mungo’s Men’s Crisis House, living room / downstairs communal area

Person(s) involved

Ben Gage (art therapist), service users (1-10 persons), additional support staff


(a) Sharp objects including scissors, pencils, and pencil sharpeners

(b) Wet materials including paint, glue, and water

(c) Confidential, personal information shared within sessions, disclosures (verbal and revealed through the art making process)


(a) Accidental injury (cuts, penetration of skin), intentional injury to self or others, dangerous or threatening behaviour using a sharp object

(b) Infection or injury through contact with skin or eyes, slips caused by spillages, damage to personal or service’s property through staining

(c) Feeling unsafe, loss of trust in staff / the environment

Precautions, safe systems of working


  • First aid kit available to attend to minor skin injury, access to phone in case further medical attention is needed
  • Pens and pencils will be provided unrestricted, enclosed pencil sharpeners provided, scissors NOT in general use during sessions unless deemed necessary (Ben will be in charge of lending scissors during sessions)
  • Damaged tools to be disposed of immediately
  • All participants must be fit to attend and not pose undue risk to self or others
  • In exceptional circumstances participants may be asked to leave the group, or sessions may be brought to an end prematurely to ensure the safety of participant(s) following, or in order to prevent, an incident
  • In certain circumstances (i.e. sessions where five or more services users are in attendance, or where an individual may benefit from one-to-one input) Ben may request additional support from St Mungo’s staff


  • Access to clean running water to clean skin or eyes
  • Be aware of each product’s procedure where contact is made with eyes (i.e. rinse with cold water immediately, seek further medical assistance if required)
  • All spillages to be attended to as soon as possible
  • Participants to wear clothing appropriate to a potentially ‘messy’ environment, aprons may be used if available
  • Use of water-based paints to aid ease of cleaning (without the need for turpentine)
  • Participants advised to wash hands thoroughly after each session


  • All sessions to be framed as a confidential space (usually through a brief verbal explanation by Ben at the beginning of the session, and when required)
  • Ben may be able to provide additional support after a session in certain instances, however this would only be the case if the issue could not be dealt with within the session itself
  • Ben is to ensure he is present during ‘hand-over’ prior to each session so as to be aware of any additional considerations that may need to be made
  • Ben will pass on relevant information to evening-staff (in a format to be negotiated)
  • Any disclosures will be dealt with in proportion to their severity and in accordance with St Mungo’s policy and procedure (and documented)
  • All images and notes stored in a locked cupboard at St Mungo’s which can only be accessed by staff (service users may choose to keep their artwork in their room if they prefer, and will be given the choice to take their artwork with them when they leave St Mungo’s)